About Us

Traveling back from Canada with my husband we decided we wanted to do more to help animal rescues in need. I currently foster for mostlymuttz@gmail.com and during my time there I realized there were too many pets in shelters without comfortable places to rest. In addition, I know how hard it can be to keep up with cleaning pet beds. I myself don’t recall ever having just one dog at a time so I’ve washed many dirty beds in my time. If you’ve owned pets, you know how it is… the struggle to remove the bed cover off the cushion, the struggle to get them back on again, only for the cover to quickly get dirty again.

In order to help rescues and shelters in need and to offer a solution for maintaining clean pet beds, together we created Pet-ticular Petz, offering a durable and easily removable bed cover sheet. Our bed cover sheets feature an adjustable drawstring, so removing to clean is as easy as 1,2,3. Sheets come in many different patterns and fabrics. Pick a pattern that fits your fur baby’s personality, or one that fits in with the style of your home. From a cabin-like red buffalo check to a fun blue and white paw print design to a luxury faux Sherpa fur, we have a sheet to fit any home. Our sheets fit on most bed sizes, including our therapeutic bed, which comes in four popular dog crate sizes. Additional products are available to make your pet comfortable, like our pillowcases and blankets.

We only utilize made in the USA, high quality materials, so you will easily maintain a fashionably clean pet bed for a very long time. With every purchase, proceeds are donated to helping No kill non profit rescues and shelters nationwide.