Everyone Benefits From a Clean Dog Bed

Everyone Benefits From a Clean Dog Bed

In our daily lives it seems inevitable to avoid germs inside and outside our homes, not to mention all the dirt and debris that our four-legged friends bring in the house! This feeling can be very unsettling as your pet moves from surface to surface, carrying an invisible cloud of germs along with them. We want to help you out in the simplest way and ensure that your pet is in good, clean hands.

Benefits of a Clean Dog Bed

  • Cuts down on disease causing organisms that can live on your dog’s bed for up to a year
  • Provides a healthier environment and restful sleep area
  • Reduces odors and allergies
  • Gives relief to a pet that may have sensitive skin

How to Quickly Clean Your Dog Bed?

With the hundreds of dog beds that are on the market, it seems that there is never an easy way to keep them clean. While vacuuming can help lift the loose hair and dirt that we see with our eyes, it never feels clean enough due to all the microbes that are deep within or under the surface.

For most of us, a task like this can be a very tedious job that we just do not have the time for. That is why we created our Pet-ticular Petz products, to make your life that much easier!

With our Contour Bed Sheets or Leakproof Sheets, it is now as easy as 1, 2, 3 to provide a clean and healthier environment for everyone! Plus, this allows us to have extra time doing fun activities with our fur babies 😊

We also offer Therapeutic Pet Beds that fit perfectly with our removable sheets and will provide your pet with the comfort they deserve. When your pet’s bed sheet is in need for a cleaning, simply remove the sheet and throw it in the wash. Just make sure that the bed itself does not get dragged in the wash along with it!

Our beds are perfect for young, active, or mature dogs and even our senior dogs with their ailing, tired bones. Choose from one of our many fabrics that are designed to fit with any home décor.

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